Moving onwards

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As first order of business for the year I am closing down this blog, but don’t despair I am only relocating, I have been working on a new website and with it a new blog all post shall be made there, click on images and come along for the ride.

new blog



I will survive, the Holiday Edition

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Hello peeps!!

*insert apologies to the angry gods of blogging here*

guess what time it is?…….. time to let you know where I’m appearing next and as some may have already seen, because the lovely ladies at needlework have directed you this way, I’m popping by the Handmade Holiday Market at Needlework this upcoming 14 of December with a lot of very lovely talented people, its going to be a blast, come on by and do all your holiday shopping.


Technical difficulties

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I have learned a very important lesson

laptop + floor= cracked hard drive

I have lost almost all my pictures but have recovered some essential documents, my computer now has a new shiny hard drive and Im slowly but surely reconstructing what I had before, programs, etc.

Please bare with me while I try get back on track.