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As first order of business for the year I am closing down this blog, but don’t despair I am only relocating, I have been working on a new website and with it a new blog all post shall be made there, click on images and come along for the ride.

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Holy cow its october!!! catch up and mobilize

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In spite of having time over the summer I have not updated, but motivated by the gargantuous amount of exciting things happening this year I had to get out that couch potato attitude and mobilize my online sites, although I have to admit that going against the gods of technology  that seem to know when i want to update and mess everything up is a bit thrilling (yes rebel music is playing in the background). But because of a second loss of pictures this year there will be less images that i had intended to originally upload.

So stop with the whining and on with the show, firstly this are some of my first year projects as I re-shoot them ill upload more of my samples from first year especially surface design projects.

 This last year also had a bunch of exhibitions for the textiles crew, lots of wonderful and talented works on display.

And finally a bit of a teaser of whats to come, ill be updating more often as we count down to some amazing sales we are organizing for november and december, so keep your eyes peeled.