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Moving onwards

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As first order of business for the year I am closing down this blog, but don’t despair I am only relocating, I have been working on a new website and with it a new blog all post shall be made there, click on images and come along for the ride.

new blog



Happy new year & merriment all around

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Today we remember a year that ends with its ups and downs, the great moments that fill our lives with joy and light  along side the bad moments from which we have learned and  changed.

We thank all the people that have made this year wonderful who have been there beside us on the off days and have formed and integral part of our good days.

We look into tomorrow as an opportunity for our continued growth with hope for the betterment not only of our own lives but for everyone to have a better future, a greater life.

Tonight the stars shine a bit brighter with the hope we have for tomorrow and when the sun rises on a new day we are comforted in the knowledge that we have one more opportunity to make things better, to change, to give, to love, to smile.

So good bye 2012 it has been swell and,  welcome 2013 may you bring with you no luggage from past years only the knowledge that will help us appreciate and enjoy one more year doing what we love surrounded  by those who appreciate us.


P.S.  hugs all around the cyber world

I will survive, the Holiday Edition

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Hello peeps!!

*insert apologies to the angry gods of blogging here*

guess what time it is?…….. time to let you know where I’m appearing next and as some may have already seen, because the lovely ladies at needlework have directed you this way, I’m popping by the Handmade Holiday Market at Needlework this upcoming 14 of December with a lot of very lovely talented people, its going to be a blast, come on by and do all your holiday shopping.